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Prehistoric Monsters
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"Won't you step into my gally?" Said the deviant to the visitor.


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A variety of faves, for a deviant of many tastes


I love how this came out! This scene stands out so vividly from the movie, and I think you captured it so well, here. The technique is ...

This is very well done! I don't know the first thing about Skyrim, but the first thing to pop into my head was the Grimm Little Red Rid...

Oh wow, I really appreciate the level of detail in this! The colors are bright and eyecatching, yet confusing and dissonant! I like how...

by Lily-Fu

Without dissolving into a pile of fan-squeals, I shall attempt as sober a critique as I am able to :) I find it quite charming and witty...


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
What do you use for your arts? Anything and everything around; I'm pretty flexible...

How long does your art usu. take you? Really depends on several factors: weather, mood, life, lawlz. But if I'm in a really good place and in a creative mind, ehh, anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours

How bad of a fan are you? Ohh, I'm pretty bad, but I deceive by acting like a closet case, bwahaha...

Now then...
Greetings my fellow deviants! Here is a wee bit about meself~

I am firsthand a daydreamer, secondly a writer and artist, thirdly a nerd, and fourthly a hopeless fangirl

I am a big fan of fantasy and sci-fi, so there will most likely be a flood of random stuff in my gally under those genres

I am an animation junkie and I like almost any movie that contains such. I am not a video gamer, but I like video games. I am also an amateur Whovian, as well as a padawan anime/manga nut; but only a padawan

I am creative, (brutally) honest, smiley, talkative and optimistic

My buckaroo in crime is UnbridledWild

My favorite characters are: Batty Koda, Jeremy Crow, Lampy, Gir, Pterano, Strut, Zippo, Rattlesnake Jake, Wheatley, Stefano, Edward, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rev Runner, Bugs Bunny, Starscream, Ratchet

Personal Quote: I tend to underexaggerate, but only a little :D
  • Listening to: Fitz and the Tantrums: Break the Walls
  • Reading: Screen
  • Watching: Screen
  • Playing: With bwainz
  • Eating: Hershey's Hugs
  • Drinking: Coke
Reposted from The-Town-Of-Mud:

"The thief is named :icondianavqgdk:, she's been taking others' art without permission and reposting it! 
I've also seen art that she's either traced, or used for reference AGAIN without permission! 

The artwork is MAINLY Rango orientated, idk about the rest of the art in her gallery, but her and her friend have been bugging/harassing me about kicking her out of the :iconthe-town-of-mud: group because I don't tolerate art theft!

Please look into her gallery and if you recognize ANY of the artists within, PLEASE notify them right away!

~UnbridledWild" (Originally from)

Guys, if you could reblog this, it would be a big help. I hate to be the person that says "Reblog reblog" but I don't do it without proper cause. This persona has already caused prooblems on The-Town-Of-Mud and I'd really just like to nip this in the bud...





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Just out of curiousity do you take requests, trades or collaborations?
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I don't anymore. I'm on dA too infrequently to keep up with it. Maybe sometime in the future, but as for now, I'm afraid not :/
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Happy Birthday.
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Happy early Birthday, thebattycrow!

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